Our Learning

Student Evaluation and Reporting Procedures: 

Individual student progress is evaluated on an ongoing basis in relation to student ability, individual student performance, and expectations of grade level. A wide variety of tools and strategies are used in evaluating students to ensure comprehensive, accurate and fair evaluation is possible. 

There will be three formal reporting periods in the school year (see website calendar for dates).  Student progress reports constitute only one form of communicating student progress.  Parent-student-teacher conferences will be held following the issuing of the first two student progress reports.  These, along with review of student work, attendance at parent information evenings, student work exhibitions, and on-going informal communications with teachers will help provide parents a comprehensive view of the true progress of their child(ren). 


Plagiarism is committed when any piece of work (ex. written assignments, representations, video, digital….) has been copied, in part or in whole, from someone else and is presented as being your own work.  

Plagiarism can result in the following: 

  • a call home 
  • the assignment will be redone properly 
  • disciplinary action 

Programming for Exceptional Needs

All children can learn, however, may do so in different ways and at different rates.  At I.V. Macklin Public School, the individual learning needs of each student, whether for remediation or enrichment, will be met by providing available programming, instruction, and resources. 

An inclusive model of intervention will be used, whenever possible, to permit children with exceptional educational needs to be met within the regular classroom. Teachers will work closely with each other to assess student needs and help develop, implement, and monitor programming.  

Parents will be informed of student needs which require intervention outside of those provided for all students within regular programs.